A New Home

Under construction.....soon to be...literally.....

Updates as soon as the process begins. 

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our property. 

November 6th
The most recent happenings if you haven't read my blog post updates are the following:
  • Plans have been finished
  • Plans were printed
  • Permits have been pulled
  • Location of the house on our property was mowed
I am patiently awaiting the beginning of construction.  Here are some pictures of two of my very good friends/family members who came out to see the land and future site of our home.

We are standing behind the old barn.  The barn has to go eventually but some of the wood will be used in the house so it won't be completely gone!  It made for good pictures.  :)
Cory is showing me where the house will sit. :)